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WTP Films

With over 2500+ films in our extended library as well as a series of custom patterns from around the world, including the extremely popular carbon fibre, wood grain, flames, skulls and much much more, your sure to find the finish you’ve been looking for.

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HA Activator

The FIRST & BEST Australian formulated Hydrographic Water Transfer activator, a beasty concoction brewed to work under any condition, with any pva hydrographic water transfer film.

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Custom Dipping Service

We can create amazing finishes on just about any object you can bring us. From carbon fibre to realistic flames, skulls, camo and much much more. The prints can be applied to any object that can be painted and submerged in water, bringing new life and an artistic flare to any ordinary object.

Most Popular Items We Dip:
*Automotive Wheels
*Rifle Stocks
*Vehicle Interior Plastics
*Engine Components
*Motorcycle Parts
*Kitchen Cupboards, Handles & Back Splash
*Electrical Appliance Shells

Firearm Coating Specialists

Need a new coating for your firearm? We specialise in custom hydro dipped rifle stocks and pistols. Being that we are located within a licensed target shooting venue, we have the appropriate licenses and expertise to handle, dismantle, reassemble and store your firearms legally.

Check out our massive range of popular custom camouflage and kevlar/carbon fibre films.

Custom Camo

Choose from a range of camo patterns including: Multi-cam, Real Tree, ATACS, Muddygirl. Lost, Kryptek & many more! If we don’t have what your searching for, we can more than likely arrange to custom print it!

THERMOX Reactive Coatings

THERMOX GLOBAL COATINGS are producers of Out-Of-The-Box custom coating solutions. THEMOX Paints assist in designing, creating and astounding with a series of living coatings that stand out, not only in colour, but with their transitioning properties that must be seen to be believed.

Creation and Industry Progression are the two key factors for THERMOX to produce ever-evolving coatings. THERMOX improve and expand on the standards of visual aesthetics, safety, and visual stimulation. Step into the REAL 4TH DIMENSION of surface coatings.

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Find everything you need to hydro dip your own gear!! MASSIVE range of films available as well as our famous HA Ultra Activator & a bunch of accessories!!

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